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Coco Argentée

Coco Argentée

My name is NTYAME Celine Corine. I was born in Yaounde, on August 13th, 1982.

Since my earlier childhood music has always been my passion. I debuted in a band with two other girls and we used to call ourselves "Les Feelings Girls". That was when I started to write songs. Six months later, we managed to play in the first parts show of Manu Dibango for the National Youth Day. The band lasted four years, then I left to follow my father in the Far-north region . I went on solo.

In 2001 I was awarded by the Commonwealth and then by the UNESCO for the music awards in the North region. At that moment, I used to spend my free time singing in clubs such as "La Plazza", in Ngaoundere, where I improved my skills. From there, I went to sing in the most famous club, "Le Marhaba".

Due to some learning difficulties, I was send in 2003 in Ndjamena (Chad) to write my GCE; fortunately I achieved my goal that year and icing on the cake, I was engaged in a french club in Ndjamena, "Le carnivore", where I was in charge of a band chorus.

In 2005 I renewed my contract with that french club. That is when my success really started. I became a music idol for the people of Chad and european expats living there. They both loved and encouraged me. I met one of the Chad's biggest folk band which taught me how to behave on stage. I went off from Chad in 2006, with a pain in my heart, to Europe, precisely in Belgium where I continued with my passion. It is only in 2011 that I decided to record my first album (Nostalgie), an auto-production.

My shows

I was really proud to be on stage with famous artists such as Lady Ponce, during the International Women day in 2011. I was chosen as well as Petit Pays, Monique Seka and Chantal Ayissi for a show in La Place Venise, on March 11th of the same year.

On March 12th, Guy Watson and I represented Cameroon in Belgium, challenging DJ Arafat from Ivory Coast and Franky Vincent. My European tour went on with Longue Longue and then Lady Ponce in Mulhouse. I also had the chance to share the stage with Jocelyne Bizar, Epee Ekoum and Dom Tom from Nigeria. Nevertheless, I have done several solo spectacles in Germany and within Europe.

December 31st, the Ya-Fe audience was over the moon when I performed with Sergeo Polo and Lady Ponce.

Album presentation

01. Dans la tanière: I relate a story; one of my misfortunes. A one-night relationship that turned into a love story
02. Ndjamena: That track is my own story, my life story. Ndjamena is the place that welcomed me, loved me and gave me chance to earn my living through music.
03. Kamer: It is destined to Cameroonians who live abroad. I ask them to stop showing off. Life is not that easy in Europe. It is high time they told the truth.
04. You can change: I recall an unhappy love.
05. Akeva: I am grateful towards God for all the happiness he covers me with. I really thank him for being by my side all my life long.
06. Mbanze: It is a warning for hustlers. I ask them to mind their own business.
07. Déchirure: It is a tribute to dead people, particularly my late mother.



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